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About Us

Ang Pamilya, An Teaghlach, Gimene, La Famiglia, La Familia, La Famille, Die Familie, Familien, Rodina, or THE FAMILY. However it's said, for centuries the family has been the unifying source for stable and productive lives. The nuclear family brought a sense of belonging while the extended family provided additional moral support and guidance to ensure the children would develop a strong foundation for life. Unfortunate-ly, as technology has exponentially advanced in the past few decades, the family unit and the sense of belong-ing has significantly declined.


  • married families with children, where both parents are working outside the home, are now in the majority; more than 60% as of 2014.

  • the nuclear family is disintegrating with more than 17 million (1 out of 4) children under 18  being raised without a father

  • blended families are on the rise where 40% of parents with children in the U.S. are step-parents.

  • nuclear families are becoming privatized, i.e. self-contained and self-reliant, while extended family members are not involved.

  • and conversely, nearly 8 million children are being raised by grandparents or other extended family members.


Though we cannot return to yesteryear, we can use modern technology to virtually reestablish the essence of the nuclear and extended families of the past and to offer an opportunity for families to connect with and add value to The Family.  The mission of Embrace Our Heritage is to provide a unique genealogical site to reunite families by assisting  families in collecting and publishing their personal stories, using modern technology, and providing support for their family and future generations.

Birth, marriage, and  death dates; photographs of our loved ones; and public records are interesting and important to know; they do not help us understand who we are. Stories, however, are essential learning tools for our children and future generations to understand who they are as explained in the video below.

1. Family Stories

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has connected us with our families, our communities and our society. Good stories inform, educate, stimulate emotions, develop imagination, help manage fears, and more. Yet, as loved ones pass from our earthly existence, too often, their stories are lost—forever.


Our primary core value is to assist others to record their stories, memoirs, and recollections of their loved ones—especially the memories of those who have already passed. As writers, published authors, and bloggers, we will compile, organize, and with  permission, publish their stories in a storybook format to ensure that their children and future generations will have a history of their family to instill self-confidence and inner strength to carry them through their journeys in life.

2. Family Video Conferencing

In the past, grandparents and other extended family members lived in close proximity to each other and provided moral values, support, and encouragement when needed. Today, however, many extended family members are scattered throughout the country, and even in other countries. Even nuclear families are fragmented further complicating the family unit.


Fortunately, we can connect with and reunite extended family members through modern technology.  Though, we have various social media outlets to close the gap between extended family members, these technical resources are not specifically focused on the concept of reunifying the family. On the other hand, we are totally dedicated to provide a variety of technological methods to draw families together including a Family Conferencing Center and Family Support Services.


3. Low-Cost Family Research 

Though recording stories is our primary core value, tracking one’s family history is also significant. Many resources are available to research your family history including other family trees, social security and military records, obituaries, news articles, and ship manifests.  A few are free, but can be limited in resources. Most comprehensive resources are fee based with subscriptions from $4.95 to $19.95 or more per month. Unless a family member is a fulltime genealogist or has unlimited time to spare, these multiple monthly charges are generally cost prohibitive. As subscribers to various fee based sites, we will research family histories for one moderate monthly fee of only $14.95/month.


4. Quality Communications Skills

As communications has exponentially advanced in the past few decades, interpersonal communications has seriously deteriorated, resulting in increased violence, disrespect for one another, confrontation rather than compromise, and much more. Quality communications is essential to understanding each other and reuniting family members. As a result, we provide various resources, such as workshops, recommended books/cds/dvds, articles and our own blog and forum,  to assist families in effective interpersonal communication skills. 


5. Family Resources

Each generation has its own struggles. Parents need to understand their children’s struggles. Yet often overlooked, the children also need to understand their parents. The more we understand, the easier we can accept and embrace each other. We are dedicated to continually seek resources  to embrace our heritage and reunite our families.

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