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La Famiglia. Ang Pamilya. An Teaghlach. The Family. However it's said, The Family is the foundation for a stable and productive life; for ourselves and especially for our children as well as future generations. Though this video depicts growing up Italian, it reveals the challenges for all families since the 40s and 50s.


Though exponential advances in technology since the '50s should have given us more time 

to develop even better relationships within The Family, the opposite seemed to have occurred.

As the video acknowledges, the youth of today will never be able to experience firsthand an important part of who they are. Yet we can use today's technology to simulate and stimulate the values of yesteryear and reconnect with The Family in meaningful and significant ways.


This site is not just another ordinary collection of family tree dates, records, and 

photographs. Though these factors add value to our family history, they do liltle to let us understand and appreciate our heritage.


Embrace Our Heritage wiil include two often overlooked factors in recording our family history. First, we were all born of two parents, four grandparents, and so on; yet, we seldom focus on more than one lineage. To fully understand who we are, we should trace all lineages as much as we can. The second factor, and by far the most important, is the collection of personal stories, memoirs, and recollections of experiences, long gone perhaps, but not forgotten. As a loved one passes from our earthly existence, our memories stay in our hearts forever--until we pass on. To keep those memories alive for generations to come, we are encouraging members of our families to write or record our personal stories, memoirs, and recollections.


The Mission of Embracing our Heritage: To be the most prolific, complete and centralized resource for our family history, in part, by collecting, organizing and publishing meaningful stories, memoirs, and recollections of our families. To offer an opportunity for our families to connect and to add value to La Famiglia; Ang Pamilya; An Teaghlach; The Family.


Our Promise: We will do our very best to research multiple lines of our family histories. We will also do our very best to collect, review, proof,catalog and publish on Amazon and other bookstores, all the stories, memoirs, and recollections which are submitted. With your help, Embrace Our Heritage will be the most comprehensive, vital and prolific site for our family heritage.

Benefits of joining Embracing Our Heritage.

  1. First and foremost, a focus on The Family, by reuniting The Family; not like we did in the 40s and 50s, but by using today's technologies to bring us together once again.

  2. Provide resources where we can instill the values we once had and be a mentor to our youth (and perhaps ourselves).

  3. Lower costs. We offer a membership of only $6.95 a month for an individual and no more than $14.95 a month for a 2-generation family. In comparison, is $19.95 per individual.

  4. Rather than signing up with, and a multitude of other membership programs, we will research your submittals as part of our lower cost Premium Membership plan and include the information on our more comprehensive and centralized web site.

  5. Through a social media public forum, we will be able to reconnect with family members we have not heard from for a long time and hopefully connect with family members we haven't met. For example, for those living in or grew up in Tampa, we have 200 to 300 or more relatives we have never met.

  6. We also will provide a Family Forum in our Premium Membership site to freely discuss private issues concerning our younger generations; a resource for them to get guidance.

  7. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on only one side of the family history, either the mother or the father, but not both. We will, with your help, research the spouses' family histories (though only if requested).

  8. Provide an extended list of links related to The Families. This will include not only other family trees, but also other relevant information such as the origins of the surname, coat of arms, videos.

  9. Provide paperback/Kindle publications of our ancestral descendants and your personal family history.

  10. And much more as we develop this prolific and centralized web site, Embrace our Heritage.


This will be a major undertaking, yet I am willing to initiate this project because of the importance in today's society to reconnect with The Family and regain some of the semblance of values of yesteryear through modern technology.


Of course, dates, records, and even photographs add value to our family history, yet these are not meaningful in building or maintaining our character, self-esteem and confidence. I ask you to contribute your stories, memoirs, recollections, and gently advice so that we can assure our younger generations will grow up strong, confident and ready to take up their life's journeys.


Frank S. Adamo

Building Living Legacies

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