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Embracing Our Heritage

Ciao, I'm Frank S. Adamo. For more than ten years, I have been teaching communication skills at Cypress College in Cypress, CA. I have also coached and trained individuals and groups from California to Florida  and as far westward as Indonesia and as far eastward as Eastern Europe Georgia.

I've been blessed to see individuals transcend from being fearful giving presentation to being confdient when speaking in public. Likewise, I've seen individuals transform their rather mundance presentations into interesting and exciting conversations with their audiences.

A. J. Nunez

​ U.S. Selective Service Board Member

"You are an example of what is a truly trained andprofessional person...You are the guy who hit the winning homerun and shot the final basket in the last two seconds of the game and the cavalry coming to save the day."

R. Escobar


"I think the program was great. I learned a lot and Ienjoyed every class. I like that you made us feel very comfortable and you shared your experiences with the class. You really changed my life.”

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Now I want to change the lives of your children and their descendants by helping your to create a Living Legacy. 

Began my quest many years ago by Day of the Child, an event which would narmally take an experience event cooridnator 6 months to a year to arrange, yet as a novice, I was able to arrange a weekend event at the local mall in just 6 short weeks. 

How was I able to coordiante the entire event in six short weeks. Because I was passionate about showing thousands of shoppers the diversity of our community. 

The same passion I have to provide you the tools and training needed for you to develop your Living Legacy. The same commitment Kunta Kinte had to give 

Also, I am the only one, to my knowledge, totally commited to reuniting families from a new perspective, i.e. recording your family stories for prosterity.

Are many of your precious family stories lost or never captured? What I have put together for you is a simple way to leave a living legacy for your children and their descedants. When you sign up for Embrace Our, you'll  get presentations and you will learn how to prepare your legacy. You'll also have acess to our mastermind-workshops. Finally, you'll have access to one-on-one coaching. And you'll have access to or week long retreats.

So that's what you'll get.

This is who I am

This is what I have for you

What it'll do for you?

Here's how to get you


Too often  passion, desire and the commitment 

Create a legacy and gift for 

Sign up now 

past, present and future...


Why me and Embrace Our Heritage?

I've been to several different countries.  

With a Family Membership Team you get
  • Free e-books, magazines, and other resources 

  • A forum to discuss family issues either with all other members or just your family

  • Generic forum. Daily news on family, genealogy, and associated 
    items. A blog related to genealogy, family, writing, and story telling.
    Several e-books at a low cost of $1.99 each. Shopping cart.

  • Free resources, such as free e-books, each worth $10 to $30 each, 
    articles and other materials

  • Video conferencing for families. Not available yet, but should be 
    before the end of the year)

  • Free, though limited, e-mail coaching. If you have a question or 
    concern, we will do our best to assist and support you

  • Free, though limited, e-mail coaching. If you have a question or 
    concern, we will do our best to assist and support you

  • Links to various genealogical and family related web sites, 
    especially free sites to research your own family history. 

  • Opportunity to promote your own business with business card size 
    ads or larger ads at a nominal cost

  • An extensive forum which will include privacy sections for your
    family only

  • -

  • -

  • As a full member, you will receive 10 to 20% discounts on any fee base events such as our mastermine/workshops, our retreats and our one-on-one coaching 

With a Mastermind-Workshop you get:
  • Recognize why family stories are vital in developing  a living legacy for generations.

  • Learn what is important in story writing

  • Develop the tools for writing stories

  • Understand the difference between writing and reading your stories

  • Be accountable to others to ensure you comp lete your stories.

  • Receive a list of free resources

  • And most valuable is giving a living  legacy to your descendants.

Join your Family Membership Now
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