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Comparison of Premier and Basic Memberships

Personalized Family History Books

Personalized family history books will include your ancestral charts and reports (birthdates are shown unless requested to be blocked). The book also includes your children and grandchildren data, photos, stories, etc.


These books are available only through the Premium Membership program. If you selected the individual package, the content will reflect only your ancestry and descentants. If you select the Couple option, your book will include both your and your spouse's ancestry -- as shown in our family history. If you select the Family plan, the ancestral charts and report will extend to your children's spouses -- if they have submitted their history.


These books would make ideal gifts for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries; even Valentine, Mothers, and Fathers days.

Genealogical Descendant Reports

The Basic Mmembership will include only an outline of the standard genealogical information without dates of birth.


The Premium Membership site will also include stories, memoirs, and recollections submitted by various family members.


You may submit dates, photos, stories, recollections, reports, etc.; however, only the basic information will be displayed on this site, mainly to restrict much of te information on a public site.

Photo Gallery / Album

Though you can upload photos from this site, photos will only be available for viewing on the Premium Membership site.


Submit a series of photos (preferably single portraits) at various ages for each member in your family, and we will generate a photo gallery, by age, for each family member. The Photo Gallery is available only on the Premium Memembership site.


The videos will include those similar shown on the Basic Membership site, along with videos of our own families, though we request only those videos in which family members are relating their stories, memoirs and recollections. Regular videos of birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. will not be included. The only difference between the Basic and the Premium Membership is that the videos ae limited to six videos only. We will include an unlimited number of relevant videos on the Premium Membership site.

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