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Observations: Dates, records, and even photographs add value to our family history, yet they are not meaningful in building or maintaining our character, self-esteem and



we off a forum to discuss family matters and provide assistance. Coming is a video chat room for us to


"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” African Proverb


As long as the seas are calm, it's easy to sail. It's when we reach rough waters, we must count on our learn (or don't lean) to sail the rough seas as we encounter obstacles, trageties and crises as we travel or life's journeyhowever, the most vital and prolific factor in our heritage is the collection of stories, memoirs and recollections which can educate us on who we are and why we believe the way we do. 


particularly today's youth


Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” African Proverb


A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner." -- English proverb

on Facebook today. Thanks B for being a great friend. This quote made me think about what it means to me… We must experience obstacles to achieve goals. Obstacles help us build and learn the skills we need to succeed. We have to be strong in order to move through whatever we want to get through.


ur descendants as we/they sail on smooth seas and especially rough seas


focusing on a collection of meaningful stories, memoirs and recollections. Most all of us have at least a small family tree, from the time we go through puberty until we reach "mature" adulthood. Environment can determine WHAT we do; however, it is who we are (our DNA we received from our parents, grandparents, etc.) which tell us HOW and especially WHY we do things we do as we sail through calm seas and especially during rough seas. I should have the initial free site up within a day or two and the paid membership version by the end of the month. Then, I plan to write a book on "Embracing your Heritage," and focusing on why we need to collect to stories and recollections to guide our children and grandchildren through their life's journeys.



Our environment may influence WHAT we do; however,our heritage, our DNA, our collection  storie, memoirs and recollections can explain HOW and WHY we react the way we do in good times and bad--through life's smooth journeys and those filled with detours and crisises. 


Especially for our younsters, from the time they go through puberty and until they reach mature adulthood, their life's journeys can be very difficult. Think back. Did you really enjoyed your time in high school?  Just three statistics from the 2014 - Teen Trend

Report - Teens and Mental Illness. Today:

  • 1 out of 2 of teens state they have personally struggled with mental illness at some point (defined loosely as anything ranging from depression to more severe forms

  • 46% of teenagers say they have "contemplated" suicide.

  • 86.5% of students say that mental health issues are an "important" or "very important" topic for the country.

Yet, we can counteract this stigma if we understand what makes us tick. Talking and discussing how we were when we were growing up and our recollections of our own parents and grandparents can build our self-esteem and confidence. That's why stories about our family history is vital to help us through our life's journey.  instill a belief in ourselves and rebuild the confidence which

belief in ourselves


We need to be resilient against the forces of nature.  By understanding our heritage, we can better


Too often only one side of the family is  while the spouse' side is minimized.



This does not mean that we have difficulty with our families, yet we are surrounded by those who are.



Disadvantages from the Younger Generation

  1. They're not interested in their family tree

  2. They surely are not interested in researching their family history

  3. May be interested in the stories, especially if told in a way to uplift thei belief in themselves


Disadvantages for the Mature Generation:

  1. They do not know or understand how to proceed

  2. Time consumingm especially for those learning how to proceed

  3. Costly. Membership for is $19.95 a month for one indivual.


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